noun: synchronicity

 the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.


When I think back on many of the most abundant moments of my life, it seems that all the different threads that were woven together to create that experience came from the same ‘cloth’.

Last year I was invited Maui for the first time to take a retreat. The invitation to visit this sacred land happened the day before the retreat was to start. I had little time to think. Despite the habitual excuses that came up for me (work, not wanting to be on a plane for many hours, it’s too last minute, etc), I said, ‘hey, why not?’ After spending a magical week in Hana, living on a farm, disconnected from technology and connected to nature and people, I was instructed to visit Coconut Glen’s Vegan Ice Cream shop on my way back to the airport. As a dairy-avoider and ex-ice cream lover, I was elated to know of such an existence on this pristine island. The picture perfect scenery of the Hana Highway almost deterred me from noticing the little ice cream stand, but alas, I was searching for it like a hunter-gatherer seeking his prey. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by a sweet man. Not only did his smile and his welcoming gestures make me feel comfortable, but his eyes were captivating.

It felt to me as if there was almost no need to talk. A very familiar, connected feeling arose in me. It felt to me as if the universe had magically intersected our souls at that very moment, and I was staring into a mirror. Regardless of what the reason may be, we exchanged words and information and I went on my way back to the mainland US… delicious ice cream in tow.

Rosh, as I learned was his name, had moved to Maui to work on Coconut Glen’s farm and at the ice cream shop to heal from a past relationship. He found that by connecting to nature, he was able to effectively and ease-fully process the emotions that were rising to the surface and maintain a sense of peace, strength, and gratitude. This small interaction led to many emails, and Rosh, expressed his desire to step into the yoga retreat world. As having run many retreats in my adult years, I felt excited to share the ins-and-outs of yoga retreats with him. Our email, phone, and Skype connections served as the water that was nourishing the seed of creation we had initially planted when we first met. There was clarity; a sense of ‘knowing’. Rosh indicated that he knew of a man, Albert, who had some property in Hana and would potentially be open to us hosting a small retreat on his land.

This place had never been utilized for a retreat before, and though the idea sounded nice, my logical mind didn’t find this endeavor feasible. I still went with it though. Something deeper that my conscious mind was guiding me, and one step at a time, we co-created a retreat on Albert’s land. Not only did this serve as a successful business endeavor, it also served and still serves as a healing practice for me… to serve, to trust my higher Self, and to align myself with those who share the same ideas and visions.

Another magical ingredient to the birth of HMYI is Kyra, who Rosh had previously known from San Francisco living. At first, I thought Kyra was going to be our ‘chef’, but what I didn’t realize, is that Kyra is a multi-dimensional artist, who not only prepares soul-satisfying food, but puts every ounce of her own heart and soul into each morsel. That is something that myself and each retreat participant could taste, and it make the retreat a much richer experience.

Rosh, Kyra, Albert, and myself have joined together, less based on effort and logical mapping, and more based on trust, being in the ‘flow’, and having clear intentions. This weaving together of our own truths has resulted in the birth of not only a retreat center, but an educational oasis for those who desire to deepen their connection with their authentic selves and live ‘epically’.

It seems as if all the seemingly unrelated components of my life have joined together to create a beautiful tapestry. By paying attention to the details of my every day encounters, I am able to see that we are each ‘cut from the same cloth’. Hana Maui Yoga Institute is dedicated to the delicate weaving back together of each of our hearts.


~ Shanya Hiller