Where heaven meets the earth...

"For me, the magic of Hawaii comes from the stillness, the sea, the stars." ~Joanne Harris 

According to Hawaiian legend, a demigod stood on the crest of Kauiki, a cinder cone that guards Hana Bay, and thrust his spear through the heavens, creating a doorway to Hana... In ancient times, Hana was a bustling community. Thousands of Hawaiians lived along the coastline. It was so isolated from the rest of the island, it even had its own chieftains. Hana's proximity to the Big Island of Hawaii also made it important to Maui's warrior chiefs as an important strategic point, where attacks could be launched at Hawaii — and where attacks from Hawaii could be repelled.

This almost constant state of war explains why so many heiau exist along the Hana coast. The heiaus were not just built as places of worship; they were also built as battle monuments. In the mid-1800s, sugar cane was introduced to the Hana area, but the last plantation closed down shortly after World War II. The population shrank as people left Hana to find employment elsewhere, and Hana remained untouched.

The legendary road to Hana is only 52 miles from Kahului, however the drive can take anywhere from two to four hours to complete since it consists of narrow one-lane bridges, hairpin turns and incredible island views. The Hana Highway (HI-360) has 620 curves and 59 bridges. The road leads you through flourishing rainforests, flowing waterfalls, plunging pools and dramatic seascapes.

The town of Hana itself is so small sometimes it is missed! But it has everything you need, from a famous General Store, to delicious thai food, to a health center. Around Hana you will find endless opportunities for exploration and contemplation. There are beaches with black, white, and red sand, waterfalls galore, lush tropical rainforests, epic sunsets, and the kind of aloha vibe that is timeless.

Hana Maui Yoga Institute is happy to be off the beaten path and in a truly sacred place.  We can't wait to share our heaven with you.